Preachers And Scripture: Being Truly Wise What Spiritual Diet We Choose

Most Christians – Genuine Christians – are “Teachable” and the NAR Movement (New Apostolic Reformation) Plays on that. It is their best weapon. Mixing Truth with Error so the Christians buy it.

Aka they take Catch Words from Scripture like “Kingdom”…..”Grace”….. that APPEAL to CHRISTIANS and give them a different Emphasis with a different Meaning. Introducing Extra-Biblical “Truths” – that’s the way they do it.

And mind you, the NAR Moment has All-Manner of Preachers Out There across the Christian Landscape. Meaning there is sure to be 2 OR 3 Preachers which “Appeal” to Everyone.

Everyone who falls for them, that is MANY have, depending how mature you are in their Walk with Jesus (godly character) and how Well they Know Scripture (not just read or hear it) they can have their foot in the door in a short amount of time.…

Loveless Christianity: Come Against It But Don’t Defect From The Faith

That’s it. That’s enough for me, I’ve really had enough of this kind of thing.
I’m confronting an issue many of you have had with Churchy-Christians.
That Is:
Unkind Words, Repeated Unanswered Phone Calls and Texts.

After an awful lot of this in recent years, I sent a Text to the last Offender I will ever put up with again.
It reads:

“This will make you happy. You can delete my Nb if you wish. Just don’t worry about it. I almost broke the other day from repetitions of this kind of thing. Christians have been used to almost decimate my Faith in Christianity at times with their heartless communications.
I thought you were more mature.”

My Honesty was then Misconstrued.

She texted these words back to me: You deliberately guilt people into answering the phone. Your texts and conversations are full of manipulative strategies/language.…

Some Preachers Serve God, Some Preachers Serve Themselves.

Self-Serving Preachers: Who Needs Them? Not Jesus!

Give them their walking papers and say “I don’t need You”

You do this best by your absence – it’s OK to leave

Jesus will be waiting the other side of that door to Welcome You

and Walk with You – He is your TRUE SHEPHERD.

Seriously, why do you continue to FEED their Pockets and their EGO!?

Jesus calls them Hirelings NOT Shepherds –

In Reality

They are Not Feeding You – YOU are Feeding Them.

This must STOP – Christians need Discernment.

They’ve brain washed you with their “don’t judge, don’t judge” words.

Effectively, they do not want you to judge them.

YES, Jesus did say “Judge not and you won’t be judged” Mt (7:1-5) Some ministers play on that.

Jesus also said He does not want you to be lacking in Discernment.…

To Tithe Or Not To Tithe – That Is The Question

You mean I can give as I please and feel Free in my heart? “Yes you Can” We will look at Giving with Gladness instead of sadness.

It’s actually New Testament Scriptural… We will actually see what JESUS said And Early Believers Did. You can say “NO” to Church demands & TV Programs And have the JOY of GIVING Restored to You!!!

3 TIMES! The Holy Spirit has given me leading in this Area – including Tithes – through the years. In the 80’s, the 90’s and the last time was in 2012, so I thoroughly Researched it. I had the Bible Verses….and so I sought to find out “Did the Early Believers Tithe?”….and I think you will be as surprised as I was where Christians Tithing Today actually originated from.

I let you know my findings here. I just knew the Holy Spirit could not be wrong.…


Look at Proverbs 3:13-15 , then Verse 17,18

BECOMING HIS BODY of BELIEVERS AGAIN – FUNCTIONING AS A FAMILY! Make your own decisions how you can best do this.

Most Church Services Are Making Christians Spiritually Weak Because There’s No Interaction And The Presence Of God Becomes Something Of Second Importance. In Fact, Most Modern Day Services Are Devoid Of His Presence Because Their Practices Grieve The Holy Spirit. Neither Will Ever Change Lives – They Quench The Moving Of The Spirit Of God. That’s Right, That’s What Most Services Do. Sorry But It’s True. They Will Not Help You Grow Spiritually Like Personal Time Spent In His Presence And Prayer-Reading Scriptures. Also, It’s In Applying Them In Our Daily Lives That We Grow.

Top This Up With “Gatherings of Two or Three” and Family Worship At Home, You Have A Real Pattern For Growth.…

What Fellowship Is And What It Is Not



Many Of Us Have Been Reaching Out For More In Recent Years Hey?

Some For Decades, Because Years Ago We Were Expecting Things To Change. Is That Right? This Address Will Let You Know Why We Have Not Seen Those Changes Yet – A Real Move Of His Spirit In Our Midst – Healings And Miracles – Signs And Wonders!

Have you wondered why these things are not here yet? Does The Lord lead us down the garden path? Why has He Commenced to MOVE in Some Places and Not in Others? Let me share some Insights with you.

Many Christians are so Immature in Communicating – they have an “Insiders and Outsiders” mentality. You are either In their Click or Not, you make it or you don’t with them.…

Church System and Home Churches

Concerning Past, Present and Future – You Should Read This!

I can see the need for Radical Change in How we Fellowship as Christians.

Pastors and Evangelists are still trying to Save the Church Model that has existed for Centuries now since Constantine changed things in 300AD. He had No Right to do that – he was not an Apostle or Father in the Fath, he was the opposite, a Roman Emperor. Do not suppose and many do that he was a friend of Christianity because that was the Enemy’s Next Move to Stop the Church after Persecution did not work – Christians and Ministries alike are Still Ignorant of That.

Governments across the World have been getting quite demanding with their Political Correctness and other Agendas in recent years as to what you can say in Church. And already, many Pastors have Compromised the GOSPEL of CHRIST for SOCIAL GOSPEL…….Never…

Misleading Televangelists







Yes their Money is their God and they dare to lay guilt trips on you.

Jesus says they can’t serve two Masters…..if the Love of Money

has become their God,

Jesus is no more their Master (the One we set our affections on).

Don’t follow after their example, it will lead you astray.

Money is not evil, it’s when it gets out of hand that offends God!

Take your guidance from Scripture

1 Timothy 6:10 ESV

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.

Where Are the Tares Jesus Spoke of?

Where are the Tares Jesus spoke of in the kingdom parable? Right in the Church Scene Today! The Lord spoke of Wheat and Tares, and that both would grow together until the End of the Age. Then at that time, they would be separated and the Righteous would Shine like their Father. I want to do that, do you?

I’ve had this concern for many months now, so I have carried this message in my spirit for  about three years before writing it. There are important things that must be addressed by  all of us – like it or not. Many Christians are desperately hurting because of behavior patterns of immature Christians AND Tares (people who profess to be Christians and are not).

They go to Church and do some things that are accepted to be Christian but some of their behaviour and lifestyle indicates that they are not True Christians and even those in the world many times, can recognize that “they are not good people” – they are not portraying Jesus to them.

Salvation and Christian Growth

Revising When We Find Jesus

This is for everyone to read because there are vital things left out when we found The Lord that help to make a Foundation to our lives in Christ Jesus.

Most of us found Him through the church system and many through a Christian TV program with a one minute Salvation Prayer at the end of it – yes it’s often rushed and on comes the next program, when you have just closed your eyes to pray (usually for the first time) the interruption is so sudden.

Many of us have been introduced to a Church Jesus, with things pertaining to their church, they add to your experience; many have been introduced to a Social Gospel where the scriptural need for Repentance – a change of heart where you decide to go Jesus’ way instead of your own way is left out; the cleansing Blood of Jesus with the Joy of sins forgiven (those things we have done that offend God).

Healthy Churches and House Churches

This is a busy Day and Age we are living in with many distractions from
day to day. Many of us fail to function our best as a family……. and when it comes to functioning as The Lord’s family – be it a church or house church, pressures abound in this stressful time, and it takes a lot of time keeping up with family and commitments. Scripture says, that’s when we need to “fellowship all the more as the Day of The Lord draws near”.
Church should not be something that makes you dry  
     it should impart life and inspire.
Also, it should be a place of participation where
     everyone is involved in some way
     we are not subordinate or stifled
      we are not spectators or entertained.

Scripture says that Apostles and Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers
are of His making, not man’s (selected in Bible Colleges).

Believers in a Stressful Age

This post was partly inspired by an article I read today


It was only a short article but inspired me immensely.

Then I took a different direction that compliments.

Please take time to read this.

Stress is prevalent in our world today, but there is a way to handle stress without turning to addictions and other things. Internal peace can be found through Jesus even in the midst of stressful circumstances. (1)

In this world, common ways to cope with stress in recent year have been through addictions such as over-drinking, over-partying, over-eating, over-shopping, over-spending, over-accumulating, over-working, etc. ever on the increase, effecting many hearts and lives. (2)

I feel such compassion for children in families who are caught up in these kinds of environments because in one way or another, they are affected. I feel for elderly people too, because they see such a different world and the situations many of their families are in that are radically different to the stress they are familiar with.

Should Christians really be Tithing?

Most Christians want to please The Lord and many of us have a heart for giving. It is also true that preachers often cause distress in the heart and mind of well meaning Christians, asking more and more….demanding to pay ‘the tithe’ and televangelists top this up with bribes for offerings, saying The Lord will give you this if you give Him that?

Does God tell us to pay for our blessings? Is He reintroducing His laws

with Israel? In what way should we be generous with our giving?

Certainly not to break our pockets and experience so much stress.

The New Testament no-where commands, or even recommends, that Christians submit to a legalistic tithe system. The New Testament nowhere designates a percentage of income a person should set aside,

but only says gifts should be “in keeping with income” (what you can afford).

Televangelists Causing Confusion

Some Preachers on Christian TV are causing confusion

in the hearts and minds of God’s children and they also bring

the Gospel into disrepute to those in the world. Especially when

it comes to money – they air their shame for all to see.

Friends,some preachers are unrepentant sinners, Jesus spoke of

before they ever preached a word and you need to be aware of these

things. Because they preach over a platform does not mean God

commissioned them. Please find out the difference.

Yes they unsettle the minds of many well meaning believers who watch them

in innocence and think “that must be right because they’re preachers of the Gospel”

so to speak. What gospel? It is written that “God hates mixture”…..and…..”He is not

a God of confusion”. My brother and sister in Christ, if their words are causing

confusion in your heart and unsettling your mind: