Loveless Christianity: Come Against It But Don’t Defect From The Faith

That’s it. That’s enough for me, I’ve really had enough of this kind of thing.
I’m confronting an issue many of you have had with Churchy-Christians.
That Is:
Unkind Words, Repeated Unanswered Phone Calls and Texts.

After an awful lot of this in recent years, I sent a Text to the last Offender I will ever put up with again.
It reads:

“This will make you happy. You can delete my Nb if you wish. Just don’t worry about it. I almost broke the other day from repetitions of this kind of thing. Christians have been used to almost decimate my Faith in Christianity at times with their heartless communications.
I thought you were more mature.”

My Honesty was then Misconstrued.

She texted these words back to me: You deliberately guilt people into answering the phone. Your texts and conversations are full of manipulative strategies/language.…

Ungodly Behavior Among Christians

Is this you or have you been affected by it?

This post is thought provoking and is written in the interest of Unity among those who are members of His Body, bringing healing to those who need it and correction to those who need it. Grace and Peace to all.

We are called to be like Jesus, reflecting His Nature with each other and to those who don’t know Him. We are also meant to “encourage and strengthen each-other all the more as the Coming of The Lord draws near. Uplift and Edify” 1 Thess 5:11 (JV)

Every so often, I am prompted to write articles concerning Christian’s behavior because it is so necessary. Do you know that our manner is supposed to bring healing to those around us and the fragrance of Christ into someone’s day? (including our fellow Christian) Not the opposite.

Sharing About Jesus

When Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Many people have commented through the years about the Natural way I share Jesus and that they find my company “pleasant”.

It is important to realize the Expression of Jesus has been hindered in the lives of many Christians because the modern day way of getting together has altered drastically when Constantine changed things in 330AD after Christ came. I want to tell you something, and it’s this_ JESUS did not want things that way much less commission it.

Constantine was self-commissioned and much of the LIFE in Christianity went out of it… we have what we face Today: uninviting to people and to Christians often – they feel stifled by this, unable to breathe, so to speak.

I will share with you a Refreshing View. Come with me.

I like to inspire Christians to share about Jesus in a natural way.