Biblical Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is a hot topic these days is’nt it, to almost everyone?

So I seek to address this important issue in part.

I am taking excerpts from a very good Christian website to

base my post that will benefit some of you.


While most major translations of the Bible don’t specifically use the word stress, Scripture does speak to things such as anxiety, worry and trouble and gives us clear answers on how we should deal with them. The dictionary defines stress as “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.” Everyone suffers from stress at one time or another. In fact, research indicates that children who live in a stressful home environment are at greater risk to become highly stressed by life’s challenges. Stress can cause us to do things we would not normally do or cause us to shut down completely.

Mind and Emotions Effect on Health

It has now been discovered that the way we think and feel much of the time,

can and does impact our health for good and not so good. So in the interest

of better health and happy dispositions, I am writing these things,

so you can be aware of them.

Fear, conflict and un-forgiveness show up in cancer. Bitterness and anger show up in the liver or gallbladder. Worry and anxiety show up in allergies,digestive and gut disorders. Hate and resentment show up in arthritis and inflammation. Negativity shows up in poor quality health. Each one of these can lead to a host of different maladies and mental disorders – yes, they create chemical imbalances along with a poor diet. Stress, allowed to go by unmanaged is the biggest, most common threat to most people’s health.

So we need to work with our attitudes, quality of our thoughts……….managing…

Our Health: Spiritual and Natural

This post is important for all of us to read because most of us
have some area of health to address and so many are seeking for
healing. Some Christians need healing for the same thing again
months later and there are reasons for that.
In the last 2 years, The Lord spoke to me concerning a family member
who really trusts Him with everything she does. She was lifting heavy things
often when working in the garden, cheating on meals and sleep and responding to comments with replies like “The Lord is Good” much as to say “I’m alright, He over-rides all that”. Three times, He distinctly showed me something (months apart) that she was actually abusing Natural Laws He has made with Spiritual Laws. Both should be respected.
He was our Creator before He was our Savior. If you need healing, you may need
to consider these things carefully.

Blessings of Laughter

Taken from a Special  Feature  Page  on my natural health website concerning ALL  the  Benefits  of  Laughter  –

I  call this phenomena revealed by Heart Specialists, Neuroscientists, Psychologists and Various Physicians (collectively) the CHEMISTRY OF LAUGHTER. I’ve gleaned the following Information from various sources of research.

LAUGHTER IS GOOD for your MORALE and also your IMMUNE SYSTEM………It Releases Endorphins in your body that are “Feel Good Chemicals”  It can be a sure weapon against stress and if practiced regularly – as part of your Lifestyle – it can help to prevent and sometimes relieve Stress Related Illnesses.

Laughter Clears your Emotions and helps to Sharpen your Mental Faculties. Laughter is fun and it’s good for you. It makes others feel good. It provides physical, emotional, and psychological benefits.

Scientific Research reveals that LAUGHTER strengthens our cardiovascular functions; reduces stress hormones; improves circulation_ benefiting those with high blood pressure; has a boosting effect on the function of immune cells; releases endorphins_ a feel good chemical that sometimes helps to lower pain levels; it oxygenates our body via the respiratory system_ this is very good for us; it also enhances our bio-chemistry!…