Some Misinterpretations In Bible Translations By Translators – See The Difference!

The WORD of God is pretty remarkable really. It has lasted in tact right through the Generations to This Day, and we hold in our hands “His Words that were Written not by the impulse of Man – they were Moved by His Spirit” to pen those Words. However, the Translators were Human and they made a few Errors that cast a Shadow on God’s Nature. And in This Day, we Need to be Sure of The Lord’s Goodness and Merciful Nature to Sustain us through such difficult times.

May I present these to you? I’m sure you will feel a lot better – more confident – once having read them.

Is He a God of LIGHT or Darkness?

2 Corinthians 1:8-11The Message (MSG)

“We don’t want you in the dark, friends, about how hard it was when all this came down on us.…

God’s Words Or Their Words? Need For Discernment!

Televangelist’s Sins Are Heaping Up High To The Heaven’s, Their Greed Is Worse Than Ever. Their Crafty Ways To Twist And Distort God’s Words To Their Own End Goes On Unchecked In Believer’s Hearts And Minds.


Not The Preacher, Hear His Counsel – A Call To Prudence!

This is a word that is seldom heard these days. It has to do with good judgement, practicing caution – especially with matters concerning money – and applying God’s Wisdom to what we hear……not just taking things at face value.

Friend, you are doing that each time you accept everything you hear because“THE PREACHER SAID IT”

Please have more respect for the pages of your Bible than that.

You have a Bible too, please use it.

The Lord keeps showing me that Christians are getting hurt because they are not acquainted with the Scriptures.…

Christians Have A Limited Concept of Prophetic Ministry And The Nature Of True Prophetic.


There is a prevailing Ignorance concerning the “Prophetic” in the mind and heart of Many Christians. And this Can be Very Risky!

They have the Impression that a “Prophetic Ministry” is someone who gives Nice Words of Prophecy over Believers and/or makes Predictions of things to come.

That’s actually very limited. The presence of Immature Prophets who don’t do much else,
and Fake Prophets has somehow led to that concept.

A Description Of True Prophetic:
Someone who has a True Nature of Prophetic Calling in the Body of Christ will also know how to
really Build-Up Believers on their Holy Faith.

“The Lord Is Holy” and “Without Holiness, No-One will See The Lord” This often involves Awareness of Sin.

They also Carry a real Anointing for Breaking Bondages in hearts and lives. They have a way of “Calling a Spade a Spade” and are not given to Compromise in their Preaching and Teaching OR Personal Lives.…

Preachers And Scripture: Being Truly Wise What Spiritual Diet We Choose

Most Christians – Genuine Christians – are “Teachable” and the NAR Movement (New Apostolic Reformation) Plays on that. It is their best weapon. Mixing Truth with Error so the Christians buy it.

Aka they take Catch Words from Scripture like “Kingdom”…..”Grace”….. that APPEAL to CHRISTIANS and give them a different Emphasis with a different Meaning. Introducing Extra-Biblical “Truths” – that’s the way they do it.

And mind you, the NAR Moment has All-Manner of Preachers Out There across the Christian Landscape. Meaning there is sure to be 2 OR 3 Preachers which “Appeal” to Everyone.

Everyone who falls for them, that is MANY have, depending how mature you are in their Walk with Jesus (godly character) and how Well they Know Scripture (not just read or hear it) they can have their foot in the door in a short amount of time.…