Free In Jesus

Once again, Jesus changed things to a NEW WALK with GOD__ a Personal Walk. “Whoever keeps My Words shall be FREE INDEED.” He did’nt say the pastor  or the  next person. What’s that saying? “Two’s company, three’s a crowd” You don’t have  anyone instruct you  how to run a marriage – why would you let someone determine your GOD-WALK…….it’s that Personal.

The people of Israel in Moses’ day said “No, you seek The Lord for us…He’s too awesome!”  But now  Jesus has  removed  those  LAWS  – that  proved  to be  a hinderance – by His Work on the Cross. We are Saved from that system.  I’ve a question to ask you: why do we allow another  man/men run our ship? We are all
given a life to watch over as Adam was given a garden. That was his garden to ENJOY as long as he watched over it.
Jesus introduced a NEW ERA that was prophesied in the Old Testament (years prior His Coming) “THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE…” No longer man’s  ruler-ship…..we walk as a man and a woman who are FREE. No longer someone else seeking God for us and telling us what to do. The Scripture and Song continues to say “WE SHALL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT.” How could the people rejoice when there were so many ‘Rules and Regs’ How can we today? Yet we are the dispensation that prophetic scripture is speaking of. AWAKE MY SOUL AWAKE. It’s time for a New Awakening where the Holy Spirit restores gladness into hearts and lives…..and things become FRESH AGAIN. But He says to us “I cannot pour this New Wine into old wine vessels.” For a time, He used the church system we know today giving outpourings of His Spirit at different times in different places wherever hearts were focused toward Him. But that was in the permissive will of God rather than perfect will……because rules and regulations always followed and away went each Move of the Spirit of God because He will not be quenched__ He has a sensitive nature (God has feelings too).
The Apostle Paul said, you are not of the Bond-Woman but Free by Grace …… and if so, why do we submit to the rules and regulations of man that says “whose your covering?”……AND…..”I’m your covering.  I answer for you” etc   It is  actually  not scriptural but is a misinterpretation of scripture – we have been taught to believe is right – that is actually in conflict with the WORDS of JESUS__ “we’re not to lord it over each other” in other words to be in charge. Rightly in His foreknowledge, He said “this should not be so among you.” As if that were not enough, these days we have a whole leadership we’re  supposed  to submit  to as well  in the church  system  –  more  developments  since  Constantine  changed  things  (by making the Church a State Institution). Friends, we need to be discerning and ask ourselves “when” did this submission issue come into things anyway. Nonsense, I say. It weakens the very essence of OUR WALK WITH GOD and offends Him.Yes, it gets in His Way and ours when it comes to living the TRUE LIVES  Jesus intended for us.
We’re designed by God to be “Free men and women” and to Reflect that Freedom.
not  some  religious  or  ‘churchy’ picture  where  people  say  “I  don’t  want  your bondage, leave me alone, I have enough in the world.”  Yes  people  don’t  want to exchange bondage but they will take favorably to a TRUE IMPRESSION of Jesus in a Christian life.
So far,  for the  most part,  people get  this impression,  “I’m bound  to a  church building and someone’s expectations. Copy me!” No wonder people say “No thank you!” Some people even say in their thoughts “My God, No” because even their limited understanding of God tells them “that is not healthy!”
Why would we want to live in it any longer? Yes, the system has let us down.
God too, because it does not give a TRUE Impression of Him and His Ways.
I’ll prove to you the system is wrong, like this in simple terms. 
Supposing one or two people in a family are “Christians”__ they go to their two services of a Sunday or once of a Sunday and during the week as well, fullfilling their obligations and this separates them from the rest of the family……thus, the family members feel separated from them and their God__ that they’re not really important or as important to those Christian members?  I mean to say, how does that draw your love ones to JESUS much less how He Cares for THEM? and HIS WORD says “I’m not willing that anyone should perish? Yet so many are put off by this. That’s why there are so many Christians with “unsaved” love ones through the years when the New Testament Way was “believe on Jesus and your Family shall be Saved” THIS IS God’s Intention….His Perfect Will……NOT what we have Today.
Friends, who put the Obstacle in the way that exists between you and your family? Was it really the enemy?  Some do have a real pull to the things of the world…… but what would encourage them to lose grip of it? Here is the illustration of a child who has something in their hand that would harm them and the parent wants them to let go of it….they can try everything to make them let go but they won’t because they like it…..but if you present them with something better, they like what they see so much  they will  actually  drop the  other Item  and reach  out  for it . Notice  the emphasis  is on  better?  How can  we show  them  that  Jesus is  Better?  May I encourage you……
Friends, we should not concentrate on saving the world so much but to Save Ourselves – so to speak – and men, women and young people will WANT OUR JESUS! like in the Book of Acts…….the change in their hearts and lives and the Way they Lived actually drew people nearby and it spread like wildfire!
You know, God is  often  described  as HOLY – May  I present  to you  some INSIGHTS as to what this actually means? People have had such a religious impression through the years. 
Holy actually means “wholesome” Our God is a wholesome God who imparts “wholeness”…… everything about Him is right and just and True.
He does not want anything that is “wrong” for our lives… many of us put up with wrong, thinking there is little much we can do about it.
He does not want us to settle for “half a life” so to speak, when we are His children. I want you to find out what this New Life is ALL ABOUT……most
of us  have never  known what  we’re  entitled to.  Jesus is our BREAD OF LIFE. That’s not a religious phrase, that’s a statement Jesus made for us to discover about Him.
At this point, I would like to encourage you to go to my INSPIRATIONS FOR YOU
Web-Site that has Pages of Inspirational Poems and Photos, plus Quotes and Sayings that will inspire you in a NATURAL and SPIRITUAL WAY what a Life with Jesus is about and what it is not in an Agreeable Manner that will LIGHTEN YOUR HEART. I have Prophetic Writings on this Site explaining some things that are on The Lord’s Heart for our Freedom and the Body of Christ
but the BALANCE and SIMPLICITY is found there you will find.