Exciting News!

 In Aug/Sept 2023, I am resuming things with this Website Blog I commenced in January 2016 for Christians who desire more in their walk with Jesus.

There were thousands of Visitors to my other Christian Blog and most of my Posts  had many Views
SEE HERE . The amount of space I had left there is minimal that called for a New Blog altogether.
I have been establishing other Christian Websites and am currently writing more articles.

I am taking those interested on a Journey with me – because I am sharing some personal words with you that The Lord has spoken to me prophetically through the years in my 40+ years walk with Jesus that give insight into the Ways of The Lord and how He works with us. And specially selected Scriptures to meditate on for Life Change.

I do not aspire for you to follow me but will always direct you to JESUS and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit but you can journey with me if you wish to do so. I am not the perfect Leader – Jesus is.

I am not the perfect Counselor and Mentor – the Holy Spirit is. But my calling is genuine prophetic for many years now (sensing those things that are important to His Heart). I do not use terms like ‘my ministry’ because I think that through the years it has been overused and over-rated by Christians in Western Countries at-least. I choose to “follow Him” and if that seems good to you, I would love to see you here (so to speak).

You may notice a few Pages on this website do not have content yet. That is because I’ve designed the layout in advance and I run other websites SEE HERE So as time permits, I will add content to those Pages. However, you will find a good amount of Posts/Articles I have placed here at different times. Would like to step up on those by making more available before 2024. Wishing you well in your spiritual progress and a satisfying prayer life as we walk closer to Him this year. In this way, He becomes our Prince of Peace in reality – even in times that are not so easy. One can experience His Peace in the storm if we Look for Him – that’s the difference – YES.

Testimony From May 2022

This and other Websites I run went off the Internet, not to be found for 3 Months early this year – Jesus has just brought them back for me. Amazing but true.