Creative For Jesus

 Fill the Earth with Jesus’ Giftings – Expressions of His LOVE and GRACE JOY and PEACE. Use your Natural Gifts in Big Ways or Small Ways to reach your Community, the Market Place or the World.  

The World is not looking for more Preachers and Teachers. Churches are something that various Christians and religious people relate to_ but not the World. Jesus wants us to relate Him to those around us and afield in Relevant Ways through Avenues of their Interests – things they can Understand. This is achieved by SHARING ARTS & CRAFTS etc through Talents you have and can seek Jesus for. YES!
Remember The Lord’s wisdom in Speaking to People in Parables?
People don’t want to “be churched” they have told us that but we have not heeded their voice. Maybe sometimes they’re wiser because the Church System as we know it today, was actually introduced by Constantine for political advantage – he changed  the actual Early Christian  way of doing things  into a  State Institution………and we  have had this problem ever since.
When people discover works of Art and Crafts….Beautiful Websites etc by gifted Christians, they wonder or marvel at the Grace and Goodness of God in your heart and life……this gives them something to reflect on afterwards – the pleasant experience they had when they met you, especially if they take an item home with them. 
The preaching of the Gospel among people in public is banned in some western countries…….but the Love, Joy and Peace in/through a Christian’s life who walks closely to Jesus is uplifting to many individuals and cannot be mistaken for religious. People are confused by religions, but when they encounter something creative and gracious manner of the person who made the item, they experience (maybe for the first time) the fragrance of Jesus. That is a wonderful thing.