Loveless Christianity: Come Against It But Don’t Defect From The Faith

That’s it. That’s enough for me, I’ve really had enough of this kind of thing.
I’m confronting an issue many of you have had with Churchy-Christians.
That Is:
Unkind Words, Repeated Unanswered Phone Calls and Texts.

After an awful lot of this in recent years, I sent a Text to the last Offender I will ever put up with again.
It reads:

“This will make you happy. You can delete my Nb if you wish. Just don’t worry about it. I almost broke the other day from repetitions of this kind of thing. Christians have been used to almost decimate my Faith in Christianity at times with their heartless communications.
I thought you were more mature.”

My Honesty was then Misconstrued.

She texted these words back to me: You deliberately guilt people into answering the phone. Your texts and conversations are full of manipulative strategies/language.

She then sent several patronising Texts, saying I was selfish; I should think of others more; she is not into Idle Chatter………..

Honestly, it was unbelievable! Just because I felt like some Christian Company?
For reasons, I had been missing that for sometime.

Excuse me, That was based on one phone call when I said “Oh __, I’m so happy to hear from you.
I thought you were ignoring my phone calls like other Christians have for some time.
It’s really quite damaging”

I had talked at length when she needed to go, a few months ago on one occasion (about 10-12mins in total) that was not convenient for her. I wasn’t really registering her needs/wishes. And phoned her a bit early when she said she will be busy for a while. She never phoned or responded to texts after that. Of-course, her judgement was based on the Text (quoted above) I sent, but she had no intentions of phoning or answering a call after the one call I kept her on – it was only about 10-12mins.

Christians: Be wary about taking and harboring Offense!

She knows from a few phone conversations 6 years ago, that were mutually enjoyed, I am not the type
of person she labeled me as. In fact, I’m far from Selfish, I’m into Blessing Others EVERY Day & Evening. Taking interest in others, I Live to Bless! My life is mostly about SERVING Others – through my Websites (multiple) and practical ways. Namely, as a regular thing, I absolutely take JOY often in giving Practical Gifts Overseas through Charities in Australia when my Pension is paid.

# I said those things to you, to give you an illustration how wrong people can be sometimes, hey? #

Friends, Recognize the Source of Allegations (the Evil One) and don’t take them seriously. Look to The Lord for Vindication rather than that person’s approval (to change their minds) AND MOVE ON!

That Sister and myself got along really well on a few occasions. But when she got annoyed at me a few months ago, her behavior really changed and that’s the other side of her I did not previously know. Because some months later when I had several unanswered calls and Texts and sent the Text (quoted above) because her avoidance and a few other Church people doing the same thing, I really reached the limit, and it was my way of confronting the treatment I had, making a stand, and saying “You don’t have to make yourself unavailable anymore, I will let you go – that wasn’t very nice of you.”

Sorry to say, that person took one petty-offense and built a whole-case on it – reprimanding me and saying “To God be the Glory!” NOTE Christians should never take God’s Name in Vain to strengthen their argument. He does not take sides, one Christian against another – He will be your Advocate, but He will never do that. They often say “The Lord told me to say this or that to you.”


I’m not into damaging people with my Words –
some Churchy Christians are good at that – and please be aware that some are Fake. Jesus spoke of
“the Wheat and the Tares” in Christianity, and said there would be this kind of people, yet no-one watches out for them and many are hurt – they assume that everyone is Saved and Born Anew.

That is a serious mistake because they can be so disruptive to our Morale and our Walk with Jesus.
Some True Believers have left places of Fellowship due to spiteful words/behavior and misgivings by these Tares. So do be Careful – most people who who say nasty things and act like that are Not True Believers.
We should always look at Jesus’ Words……. He said them for our Protection
(He is our Good Shepherd, right?)

Never call someone a Tare – they could be Immature in their Walk with Jesus – just be aware that they do exist. You could save yourself some heartache. Sorry to say, some ‘Christians’ are a Nasty Piece of Work as someone said once. They are the Tares Jesus mentioned. They have no interest in developing a Christlike Nature.


So as you can see, just because I run a Website like this – and one similar – where Christians like yourself are Encouraged, Built up on their Faith and Challenged about Godly Behavior, does not mean to say I have been exempt from the kind of rubbish some of you have endured from Churchy-Christians whose behavior often does not line up with Scripture.


Honestly speaking Friends, some churches are saying to The Lord – and giving Him orders, so to speak “Give us Souls. Give us Souls Lord!” when they do not look after the ones they have.

“Did I hear that correctly, what I think I just heard you say Janet?”
Yes you did. Their people don’t know how to treat each-other properly – or fail to practice that – and they want to “bring More people in!?”

But excuse me, wait a minute! Is this not like the Telecommunication Companies who don’t serve their existing Customers correctly (they’re experiencing outages whatever) and they go on Promotion Campaigns to Get More Customers? Like “Give us More Customers. We want More Customers!?”

Honestly, it’s just the same Friends – exactly the same.
The Holy Spirit just brought that illustration to mind from an experience I had a few years ago when a Company called Telstra took on my New Account for National Broadband etc when they had a Major Outage in my area. It lasted for an entire 3 Weeks. Yes, a total of Three Weeks – when I had Websites etc. to run.

Furthermore, when I went into one of their Stores to get a “Temporary Fix” for the situation I found myself in, they referred to themselves as the “Royals Royce” of Phone Services. REALLY? Yes, they actually said those words to me, when my Internet wasn’t working and my Websites were jeopardized because I could not attend to them.

So can you see, it was pointless saying that? It was absolute lunacy – false claims. And sad to say, the Local Church System is just like that.

Communications is of Paramount Importance to Christian Living
and a body of Believers or an Individual Believer, cannot Live/Function without it. I’m talking about good Healthy Communications here. Not the half-hearted efforts of Fellowships and many Christians (individually) to meet those very Basic Needs we all have. No, instead, we have this “Poor Response” communications where a Brother or Sister in Christ will not answer Call after Call or Text after Text – they’re preoccupied with other things, plus enjoying whoever’s company takes their preference.

New Christians are often lost this way over the years – 100s in fact.
Lets just leave it this way shall we? I say “NO, Really No!”

That is the Major Fault with Christianity, and also why so many Christians are defecting from the Faith and turning to Muslim or Mormon these days, because they major on Communications. It’s Inclusive, very inclusive among their folk. Their doctrines are Unhealthy and very Demanding but their Communications are Healthy.

Truly we could learn from them. But to become a Muslim or Mormon, you have to sell your Soul –
your Salvation. You will be asked to deny the Deity of Christ. I don’t recommend to do that.

I’m just saying their Communications are much better towards each-other and no-one is left out.
Yes seriously. And some people are craving this. It is a Basic Human Need (in all of us) and it is not being met in the lives of many. In fact, this can be damaging to many – more than you would expect – and that’s why they are compelled to Leave. While I would not sell my Soul to Muslim or Mormon Beliefs, I fully understand. It can be a lonely Walk for a Christian Believer when others do not respond.

And is SAD – Really Sad……….Jesus didn’t Plan things this way. Or the Apostles……….Read ACTS 2 & 3.
Be Encouraged

I sometimes wonder if Many Christians are choosy what Scriptures they read?

Some Christians Mess Other Christians Up. Even ‘Mature Christians’ when they patronize, like the person
I referred to in the beginning of this Article.

One Brother’s Story – So Concerning

I know a lovely young Brother in Christ who was on his own without any Christian Company or Fellowship. He has an uncommon health Condition where he has to sleep through the day and be awake at night.

One time, he was in the City sitting down alone, Very Distressed about needing a Christian Friend. Along came a really nice Christian man who asked him “What is wrong?” He befriended him and invited him to visit him when he has Christian Friends over.

Right! For several weeks the young brother felt welcome and accepted there. Then the Christian man ordered him to work of the daytime and he would give him company he longed for. The young man is on a Disability Pension for things like that – a very Distressing Condition.

When he said he cannot do that, the brother absolutely would not believe him, reprimanded him, said he was “LAZY So Lazy!” and told him “You do what I say, THEN I will give you Company!” He kept saying this to the young Brother and damaged him terribly.

Wait a minute! Didn’t The Lord lead him to this young Brother to Befriend, Fellowship and Comfort him?

It just so happens this young Brother has a wonderful Calling and Gifting from The Lord. He has the ability to go through the Scriptures and prove the Infallibility of them. He can also Prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Existence of Christ. Two things very much needed in this generation, are they not? It is a unique and priceless Gifting he has there, I’m sure you will agree.

He spends lots of hours at night (his daytime) engaged in this. Hardly what I would call Lazy. It is a passion with him. He is busy, fulfilling his Calling, yet neither the Brother or other Christians he had at his house were interested to have him function in his Calling there – allowing him to express his Gifting – they talked about anything but. They were aware of it, but chose to do their own thing. Company was denied him if he didn’t “Change his Ways!”

Merciless Christians, some are Merciless. They should not have judged him so unfairly. He came their way to Love and Nurture. It’s obvious, they did not want that. Be Careful when The Lord is Trusting You.

Terrible Benny, absolutely terrible. Shame on you.
And I hope you don’t damage other Young Christians like this!

I could tell you other Stories of damages made by some Christians.
That is the worst of them.


Friends, if you are Christian, try your Best to Live/Act as one. Try to take at least One Christian into your Care, to Love and Encourage them, building them up with their Faith, by showing Acceptance and Interest in them. Don’t just keep company with those you prefer. That is not very Mature is it? Yet we expect Rewards in Heaven

The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me 2 nights ago and I looked for the reference Online.

Matthew 12:20
Speaking of Jesus, Scripture Says: A bruised Reed He will not Break

Context Matters: A Bruised Reed

To “break a bruised reed” would be a failure of Tenderness or Compassion
that crushes the spirit or destroys the Trust of the wounded soul.



I am well aware, this happens to many other people in recent years. If you read New Testament Scriptures, you will see Christianity is not meant to be like that.

What those Christians said to the young Brother and myself is actually Deformation of Character punishable by Law here in Australia (they can be Sued for that, yet seem to get away with it a surprising Nb of times.) NOTE: It is also referred to as Slander in both Testaments in Scripture.

New International Version
Let your Gentleness be Evident to All. The Lord is Near!
Philippians 4:5

In fact, I heard a very profound Prophecy some years ago, stating three things that must STOP among Christians, and were referred to as the Devil’s best Weapons to break the UNITY.

These 3 are Slander, Gossip and Judgements.

Some Mouths will Quickly Shut when Jesus Comes!
These ‘Christians’ take So Much for granted (that’s OK)
They do No Respect The Lord’s Presence when they behave that way
and they Will be Judged for that!

I had a remarkable experience some years ago with a Family from Overseas. They were DREWS who believed Jesus is God and their description of their Religion is “the best of Muslim and Christian put together”…….. the 2 Kids heard me Praying in the Spirit (other languages) in my house on a few occasions. They heard the name JESUS and BIBLE in their language a few times when I prayed. When I was welcomed in their house soon after that, the Kids were very keen for their mother to hear this – as you can imagine – and urged me to Pray, hearts expectant. I said “You want me to Pray in your Language don’t you?” And they said “YES, YES!” I said to them “that’s the Spirit of God praying those words through me in different Languages, not just one, and their are no guarantees. I can’t decide that.” They urged me again saying “Please, PLEASE Janet!” I didn’t want to disappoint two little Kids, so I replied and said “alright, but remember, there are no guarantees:)” Just then, when I opened my eyes after Praying, everyone’s face was radiant (their mother’s included) their eyes were wide open with Surprise and great Delight. Their was pitch silence for a minute while they were in this state of Astonishment. Then with great Joy and Excitement, they exclaimed to me “Janet, you just Prayed in Fluent Arabic! Janet you did, you Did!” And then surprised myself, I asked “what did He say? What did the Spirit of God say?” And they Interpreted for me. They said they heard these Words, that when we die, and Jesus Comes, He will give to each one of us His Recompense, according to what we have done in our life on this Earth. And to really Live for Him.” And I replied “That’s Wonderful!” When I went home afterwards, I was puzzled why The Lord did not tell them they need to be “Born Anew” and quickly realised He did not do that, because like Muslims, they believe we have different lifetimes. Plus I realised that Christians should be Careful how they Live their Life also – there are no free rides if we do the wrong thing. The Gospels and Paul’s Letters support this!

So I Say To You: Be Mindful How You Treat Others
because we will most certainly, definitely be Judged on These Things.
Christianity should NOT Cost You Nothing
that’s a LIE it’s Social Gospel.
It’s Devilish and can mean your Eternity.

You should Read These:

New American Bible
Do not be amazed at this, because the hour is Coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His Voice and will come out, those who have done Good Deeds to the Resurrection of Life, but those who have done Wicked Deeds to the Resurrection of Condemnation.
John 5:28, 29

American Standard Version
So then, my beloved, even as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, Work Out your own Salvation with fear and trembling.
Contemporary English Version
Now that I am away, you should obey even more. So work with fear and trembling to Discover what it Really Means to be Saved.
New Living Translation
Obeying God with deep Reverence and Fear.
Philippians 2:12

Not “I will speak to this Brother or Sister however I want to”
(and let The Lord blink an eye)

New International Version
Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the one who does right continue to do right;
and let the holy person continue to be holy.
Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.
Common English Bible
Let those who do wrong keep doing what is wrong. Let those who are righteous keep doing what is right.
Let those who are holy still be holy. “Look! I’m coming soon. My reward is with me, to repay all people
as their actions deserve.
Revelation 22:12

New American Bible
Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience,
Good News Translation
You are the people of God; He loved you and chose you for His own. So then, you must clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
Colossians 3:12 

It’s going to be required of you to live Truly Godly in your behavior towards other Christians when give your Heart to Jesus.

New Revised Standard Version
Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
Weymouth New Testament
Finally, whatever is true, whatever wins respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovable, whatever is of good repute–if there is any virtue or anything deemed worthy of praise–
cherish the thought of these things.
Philippians 4:8

A big percentage of our thought life has to do with others and how we think about them – make sure your thoughts are Healthy and Holy.

If you can’t say anything Good about a Brother or Sister – especially to them – you’re best shutting up. Practice a Healthy Fear of The Lord. I say this directly to some of you.

It’s amazing what is allowed in Church-Life sometimes. Not if you’re Truly Living for Jesus! That’s the difference between Churchianity and NT Christianity. It really is. Some church-people need a good spanking.

Christians also bring the Name of The Lord into disrepute when they act disfavorably towards each-other and unbelieving family Members hear all about it sometimes picking up the pieces when their Loved One is upset.

Concerning Healings And Miracles

NO “Healings and Miracles” won’t start happening among us until Christians stop Playing Church and doing the Enemy favors, by the way they Act towards each-other. “Prophetic Pastors” have been telling you Half-Truths saying things like “Exciting Times are Coming….We will Move in Faith and Power. You will do this, You will do that….” not in the Church’s present State we won’t. The Lord can’t trust us with those things yet.

That’s why it’s still away off yet – it isn’t because He is not willing and ready, it’s because We are not willing and ready. We don’t want to Change our Ways yet. And it’s Sad, Very Sad, that People in Need are Still Waiting for us to “Get our Act Together” (behave like Christians) so the Power of God Can Flow. It’s all up to YOU Friends….. Each and Everyone of us!

According to a Parable of Jesus: How can He trust us with the Big Things, if He can’t trust us with the Little Things? Tell me, why would He do that? He is not silly! In Prayer Meetings, we give Him orders and say “Do this Lord, do that…… ” and His response is “NO, you haven’t done what I’ve told You yet!?”
It’s really just that simple. So WAIT we Will……until we are Ready!

It’s ALL There in His Word__ but we Pick and Choose which Scriptures we want to Read and Follow, don’t we? Always wanting to “hear something NEW” from those who Move in the Prophetic; going to Conferences whatever…… Friends, the Blueprint is in the Words of Jesus and the Words of the Apostles – it’s right there. Our God is not into Phantom Pregnancies (Man-Made Revivals)

Revivals Or JESUS?

This may surprise you when I say this: JESUS does Not want Revivals!
You know? “Lord, Give Us Revival……Give Us Revival?” And He’s Not going to Give it to You. His PLANS are Not Your Plans. He is saying “I gave you the Recipe, it’s Still the SAME. Follow Me, those who Love Me DO what I Say” No, He doesn’t want Revival, He is interested in One Endtime Move of the Spirit to Sweep the Earth. Not our Agenda, His Agenda. A thought just occurred to me, I think Christians are the only Group of People who “Tell God what to do!” It’s disrespectful, it really is.

We Need To STOP Playing Games With GOD!

Apart from Unkind Words, Slander, Gossip and Judgements, consider the following:

As far as Communications are concerned – Repeated Unanswered Phone Calls and Texts:

True Believers need to come against lethargic communications, rude manners, unfeeling, lame excuses, breaking promises and quite honestly saying “I love you Jesus” and living a lie. Because as long as they are saying “I’m busy, so busy” to one person and making time to phone and text who they like, whenever they like, this is clear evidence they are not “treating others as they wish to be treated”
(a command of Jesus) therefore their affections for Jesus are not as strong as they think they are. Their commitment is actually questionable, isn’t it?

This is Surprising but True – I have Noticed and Experienced this a Nb of Times through the Years!

Many of these Christians are doing their holy religious thing – prayers and scripture meditations (they’re quite good at that) yet they will often leave you up in the air, make themselves unavailable, etc when you are not in their circle and what they wish to do. But they won’t tell you that. Some actually do. Their friendships and those they wish to fellowship with are “one, two, three, four and no more” you could say.

Churchy Christianity is so “Cliquey” and sad to say, this includes some ‘mature Christians’ behavior. You’re confronted with a “that’s just the way it is” kind of experience.


Is it any wonder so many Christians are defecting from the Faith to Muslim and Mormon Religions in recent times? Because they are more polite, friendlier, inclusive and everyone feels included.

They live on a MERIT SYSTEM where they take their actions very seriously, because if they don’t, they will Never see Heaven – ie Allah will be angry with them.

They are always hospitable, they always give you a good welcome. And they often talk about the Coming of Jesus, but you should be aware theirs is a Totally Different Jesus, very unlike the Christian Jesus in our Bible. Please do be aware.

Where Christians most times, pick and choose who they want to relate with, Muslims do not – that is not allowed.

It seems holier but it is not holier because like I said, you have to sell your soul basically. You will be asked to Deny Jesus and all the wonderful things about our Bible Jesus to a foreign God in reality, that is AntiChrist in Nature, that comes to take Vengeance on Christians and Jews.

So that is what you are required to do, to forfeit your Salvation, because it cuts your Allegiance with a Loving Jesus who gave His Life for you and washed your sins away with His Precious Blood, to become your Redeemer.

And this I have found, by relating closely with Muslim neighbors I had a strong Christian Witness with for 15 years by way of a Godly Example and attested Miracles in my life from time to time, they were aware of and said “Pray for me, please Pray for me!” because they long to see some Good Things in their life. They are never assured that Allah is happy with them, when they pray. They just keep doing all the good deeds they can to win Allah’s Favor or Allay his Anger.

So they crave for the Peace in a Christian’s life, the Joy or Answered Prayers, but they will not venture outside their belief system (really Seek after God to discover the Truth about Jesus) that their Religion could be wrong – they have been brought up in most times (so it must be true, and everyone else is wrong.)

No, they Fear for that- they really do! Because they are told in the Koran that Allah will take Vengeance on them if they dessert the Muslim God (Mohammad’s description of him) they will incur Eternal Punishment, they will Never go to Heaven. So they are held hostage all their lives to Never Enquire outside their Faith. And they Fear being Shunned by other Muslims if they do.

Please Be Aware – Take Care Of These

It’s sometimes hard for Muslims who leave their Religion to transition into Fellowship when it comes to Christians befriending them in Church Life and Nurturing their Newfound Faith. So they can feel lost in that kind of Environment where everyone stands up and sits down; faces other people’s backs while hearing a 1-2 hour Sermon, sing a few songs and go home……in contrast to them visiting each-other’s homes and sharing each-other’s company.

It’s Institutional really – the Local Church System.

It is NOT the way Early Christians Fellowshiped. It is far from it. Read ACTS 3 where they Fellowshiped in each-others Houses from day to day – they loved to share each-other’s company so much. Read in Romans 16 where the Apostle Paul sends Greetings to a whole lot of Home Churches (each one of those names listed there is the name of someone who Hosted a Christian Group of Believers in their house)

It was 330AD that Church Buildings commenced, NOT New Testament Times like Churches and Pastors have been teaching for Decades!

Christians meeting together in Houses was the Strength and Fibre of Christianity for 3 generations until a Wicked Roman Emperor by the name of Constantine considered Christianity to be a threat to his Kingdom because Christianity was growing exponentially in numbers. Even persecution couldn’t stop it, so he tricked them into becoming a State Institution so he could gain control ever them.

And we have that problem to this day. CHURCHY CHRISTIANITY – It is INSTITUTIONAL. And that’s why so many Christians misbehave – like Children in an orphanage. It is NOT a Naturally Spiritual Environment!

We need to RETURN to the New Testament Pattern of Early Christians. That is Fellowshiping in Each-Other’s Houses. Christians behaved much better then.

Christians in some Countries have this type of Fellowship and are much more Loving. They are much Stronger spiritually as well.

We need to start more House Fellowships in Western Countries, and there is nothing to stop you making your own.

There is nothing to stop you doing that. Jesus is happy for you to do that. Especially if you have been damaged.

I found the following article I will reference for you, that may encourage some of you.

Should Christians be in cliques?

Webster’s defines a clique as “a small group of people who spend time together and who are not friendly with other people.” The first half of that definition describes perfectly normal and acceptable conduct; the second half, not so much. People naturally gravitate toward others who are like themselves and, sometimes without realizing it, form a clique. When we find someone with the same likes, the same sense of humor, and a similar worldview, we want to spend more time with him or her. We enjoy being around people who validate our own perspectives and personality. But the Bible tells us to love everyone as we love ourselves (Galatians 5:14), including those who are different from us.

From BibleQuestions.Org

So Christians in Local Churches should Not be cliquey with who they want to speak to and who they do not.

That is a strong character trait of Christian Cults too, where they are ALL Cliquey Together and frown on Other Christians – often denying they are Saved.

Please be Careful, and Fellowship around Jesus
through Worship Songs and Scriptures. Not some personality-Preacher who misleads Christians. Focus your Fellowship on Jesus, and share a Meal or Buffet Meal together. This is what House Churches do. And they grow closer together and spiritually stronger. I wish you well. God bless you!