Preachers And Scripture: Being Truly Wise What Spiritual Diet We Choose

Most Christians – Genuine Christians – are “Teachable” and the NAR Movement (New Apostolic Reformation) Plays on that. It is their best weapon. Mixing Truth with Error so the Christians buy it.

Aka they take Catch Words from Scripture like “Kingdom”…..”Grace”….. that APPEAL to CHRISTIANS and give them a different Emphasis with a different Meaning. Introducing Extra-Biblical “Truths” – that’s the way they do it.

And mind you, the NAR Moment has All-Manner of Preachers Out There across the Christian Landscape. Meaning there is sure to be 2 OR 3 Preachers which “Appeal” to Everyone.

Everyone who falls for them, that is MANY have, depending how mature you are in their Walk with Jesus (godly character) and how Well they Know Scripture (not just read or hear it) they can have their foot in the door in a short amount of time.

They’re all sounding their trumpets

They’re all saying “Follow Me”……… “Follow Me”…….. “No Follow Me”……
Like a bunch of Car Dealers.

That can be as risky as Drug Dealers
When it comes to “Spiritual Input”

And they are Causing Confusion in the Body of Christ.

Friends, the Gospel hasn’t changed, and the Counsel of God has not changed either.

Heaven and Earth will pass away but MY WORDS will Never pass away.

Jesus is telling you two things here:
You need to be Hearing from HIM, not all those Preachers OR a Celebrity Preacher. And there is NO Celebrity Preacher in the Bible, not one!

Despite the Blessings of Abraham Kenneth Copeland proudly boasts about, there are No “Wealthy Preachers” in God’s Word. That’s a deliberate Twist of Scripture”…….. They can’t take those Riches with them, when they reach that Lake of Fire reserved for them.

And they can’t lead you right. Impossible, because they’re so Corrupt – Devil’s Merchants – he’s a Liar from the beginning (Gen 3 ) the Truth is not to be found in him (Jn 10) so you can expect what they Teach to be riddled with Lies.

You Cannot Grow on that Stuff.

This is Prophetic as it gets:
JESUS is telling You, if you want a Strong Spiritual Walk – a Life that will Weather the Storms in these Perplexing Uncertain Times……. Go for the House built on a Rock….

That’s the Pure Unadulterated Words of Christ. Not those Preachers – they’re Sure Shifting Sand. You can only build Carboard Shacks with their Teachings, destined to be Swept Away.

STRAIGHT is the Path that Leads to Everlasting Life. That’s JESUS: I AM the Way. What is Truth? JESUS: I AM the Truth. What is the Life? JESUS: I AM The Life.

When He said to us “the Words I speak to you are Spirit and Life” ….. You need to Build on those Words, and you do this Best in His PRESENCE.

So Come Aside with Jesus, spend precious time with Him. Pray and Meditate on Scriptures and Seek Him with ALL your heart.

Don’t let those Jokers Mess with Your Salvation – or Your Life on this Earth.

They actually Change So Much of God’s Counsel to us in His Word.
Their Judgement is Swift when Jesus Appears. Don’t be Swept Away with them.

If You Say You LOVE Jesus, You have no business following Rock Stars. You have no business following Celebrity Preachers either!

Clearly speaking, they will Cloud Your Spiritual Judgement.

Jesus said: They Cannot Serve God AND Money. They have Deceitful Riches, yet you Follow them.

Jesus Said: The Blind Cannot Lead the Blind. Yet you have convinced yourself they have something to offer you.

Jesus Said: Their Conscience is Seared with a Hot Iron. Seriously, are you still convinced?

That means they are in No Condition to be Leading Anyone!

That applies to ALL Wealthy Preachers. No Exceptions – Yet you Tolerate them.

Why would you like their Preaching when Jesus Hates It?

What’s that you said, because You Love Jesus?

Please Consider two things:
How Much do you Love Jesus?
How Much do you Love your Kids?

Tell me then, what are you doing following such people?

You look to them for Spiritual Guidance and Insights instead of The Lord Himself, as we are told to in Scripture.

I think you should go to Proverbs 3 and 4 and read them well! THEY Will tell You All about True Insight!

Besides, you maybe forgetting: You have a Family to Consider – little kids, teens or grandkids to look after and Nurture.

Protect them. Consider seriously Your Source of Spiritual Food and Follow HIM. “Those who Love Me hear My Words and Do them”
Not some Preacher’s Words – HIS Words. They’re the only ones filled with Spirit and Life.

So Please Don’t Feed On Such Toxic Spiritual Food Friend OR Supplement Your Your Scripture Meditations With Them. Like Jesus Said: A Little Leaven, Leavens The Whole Loaf!


They always aspire to Take Your Eyes Off Jesus – Onto Themselves
They Serve A Hidden Agenda – Not A Risen Christ
They Serve Themselves – Because It Suits Their Ego Better
They Will Never Direct Your Hearts To JESUS ALONE
Because It Is NOT Their Agenda
Scripture refers to them as “Waterless Vapors” So Should You!
They will Distract you from the Real Thing in God.
Leaving Your Spirit Empty AND Thirsty – Maybe Disillusion May Set In.


NAR AGENDA Is Too Big To Stop It Now – Never Support It By Watching These Preachers. Any of Them. Or Lining Their Pockets – Should I Say Mansions?
JESUS Gospel and Man’s Gospel Don’t Mix – Social Gospel Will Always Be Adulterated. Detestable In God’s HOLY EYES. You need to be Out of There!
Turn To JESUS – The Author and Finisher of Your FAITH.
“As For Me And My House, We Shall Serve The Lord”
(Serve Them Sentence and Be Out of There – Modern Christendom)
COME ASIDE and Worship The Lord as a FAMILY

Seek Him with All Your Heart and Let Him Lead You On From There.
Consider a Small House Church with a Few Fellow Christians OR a Baptist Church that believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. They tend to balance them with the Fruit of the Spirit more than Pentecostal Churches do, which is a good thing:)

We should Always Practice the Gifts of the Spirit WISELY.

All NAR Revivals Are FALSE Revivals – A Devilish Agenda – Very Unstable!

I intently dislike All Preachers who Glorify Themselves, and make a SHAM of God’s House. And so should YOU.

Scripture Says: “Let those who use the Name of The Lord depart from Iniquity”……… that’s a good indictment to Modern Day Teachers and Televangelists.

To Show You How Evil NAR Is: They Rewrote the History of the Pentecostal Movement and said it Started in Azuza Street USA in 1904. That is Totally Untrue!
Why is this So Important? Because Azuza Street is related to the Same Christian Cult the NAR Reformation is from: the Latter Rain Revival Movement. Very Unstable!

More Importantly, SEE For Yourselves The GODLY HERITAGE They HID From Us, Which Took Place In Whales In 1904 – The Great WHELSH Revival. It wasn’t Just a Revival – it Came 2 Years before the happenings in Azuza Street (I would not refer to as a Revival.)

I shall give you a Link right HERE that SO BEAUTIFULLY Describes Everything about How It Took Place in Whales through Two Very Godly Young Men in their 20s who Sought the Face of God Earnestly, and would not give up.

Evan Roberts in particular: not a dynamic person, not a notable preacher or a persuasive orator. On the contrary, throughout his preteens and teens, he appeared quite withdrawn, even introverted. But he was an Energetic Follower of Jesus who Longed for God to visit the ailing Church of Wales. 

No wonder the NAR Movement wanted to HIDE This Revival from Pentecostal Church History, because it Exposes what They Stand For – Absolute Hypocrisy. Glorified Sinful Preachers always Centered on Themselves. Please Avoid ALL of Them if You want your own Personal Move of God in Your Heart and Life.


In light of the Above Information and Godly Counsel: Do you still want to keep looking to Preachers like Joyce Myers; Joel Osteen; Joseph Prince; Benny Hinn; Kenneth Copeland; Creflo Dollar; Andrew Wommack; Mike Bickle; Bill Johnson; Patricia King; Sid Roth; Perry Stone; Frank Kunnerman; and Others who Twist Scripture and Glory in their Shame?

Sad to say, none of the above are based on Rash Accusations, False Allegations or Atheistic Slander.

Many of the Word of Faith Teachers are now found in the NAR Movement. According to Costa Hinn (Benny Hinn’s Nephew) and others, the Word of Faith Movement isn’t exactly Innocent either – some of that Belief System has caused untold damage in the Lives of Many Christians. God is making them Accountable for that, at this time.

They are ALL NAR Related!

It brings me No Joy to have to Report such things.

I have Researched numerous Articles and Videos on them that Point Out the Errors alongside of Scripture.

If You Follow JESUS: Scripture Is Still The Standard! God Is Not Going To Preserve It For 2,000 Years and Change It For Any Man!

Please Note: Peter Wagner is the Culprit over that Entire Movement. And Rick Warren has Conferences with the Islamics.

Shame on you if you do continue with them because you’re Unteachable when Real Teaching Shows Up. Or you are finding it very difficult to Make the Adjustment now they are Called Out!

Such people as the above operate in what is called a Fake Authority. Now The Lord has Given You Authority to Decide what Comes Into and what Goes out of Your House. You need to Exercise that.

Lets Return To SANE Christianity NOW and SOUND Teaching as in the Days of the Apostle Paul who said “I have given you the Whole Counsel of God” Extra-Biblical really means Anti-Scriptural. Do not Place Your Trust in it Anymore. NAR Preachers strongly encourage and endorse Extra-Biblical.

Sorry to Say: You’re being Cheated by Peddlers of God’s Word. They’re a dime a dozen. Don’t be Duped!


You Can Try True God Fearing Ministries Like These:

Pastor & Teacher | John MacArthur from Grace Tabernacle HERE

Will be back later Today!

The Lord be with your spirit.