Christians Have A Limited Concept of Prophetic Ministry And The Nature Of True Prophetic.


There is a prevailing Ignorance concerning the “Prophetic” in the mind and heart of Many Christians. And this Can be Very Risky!

They have the Impression that a “Prophetic Ministry” is someone who gives Nice Words of Prophecy over Believers and/or makes Predictions of things to come.

That’s actually very limited. The presence of Immature Prophets who don’t do much else,
and Fake Prophets has somehow led to that concept.

A Description Of True Prophetic:
Someone who has a True Nature of Prophetic Calling in the Body of Christ will also know how to
really Build-Up Believers on their Holy Faith.

“The Lord Is Holy” and “Without Holiness, No-One will See The Lord” This often involves Awareness of Sin.

They also Carry a real Anointing for Breaking Bondages in hearts and lives. They have a way of “Calling a Spade a Spade” and are not given to Compromise in their Preaching and Teaching OR Personal Lives.
They Encourage and Promote a Healthy Fear of The Lord.

Above Everything Else, they will Always Be a Godly Example to Believers and Never draw our Attention to Themselves but to Jesus Alone. True Prophetic Servants have been Fashioned by the Hand and Purpose of God. They will have Encountered much Opposition from the Enemy to stop them if possible from Living the Life they are Called to or Take their Eyes off Jesus so they don’t Hit the Mark they are Fashioned for in their Individual Calling.

True Prophetic Servants have Keen Insight and a Clear Perception in the Things of God.

They have Very Clear or Sharp Discernment – so necessary in this Day and Age!

Many of them have an Ability to Teach Principles in God and Strategies against Opposition from the Enemy, that Strengthen Believers in their Walk with Jesus.

No, they don’t just give Nice Prophecies –
They will Challenge your Godly Behavior if you do the wrong thing.

These things mentioned above are a description – a profile if you like – of a True Prophetic Calling.
So can You See how the general Perception of the “Prophetic” most Christians have falls Far Short of what a
True Prophetic Calling is all about?

Years ago, I was attending an Intercessory Prophetic Conference in a Overnight Venue, and it was revealed to us, there will be a False Move of Apostles and Prophets hit the Church Scene, that has since been Identified as the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) more accurately referred to as an Agenda,
to Control Christian Churches – God Never Works That Way.

What we see at this Present Time mostly, is pretty much
the Opposite to TRUE Prophetic.

An Ungodly bunch of Personality Preachers, calling themselves Prophets, and doing more Profiteering than Prophesying (true words from The Lord). Labeling “all manner of stuff” with a “Thus says The Lord”……. Friends, they do this every time they say to you “The Lord told me this” and “The Lord told me that”
and you take them so seriously with everything thing they have to say.

Take Note: Fake Prophets LEAD the Way in “Taking God’s Name in Vain” A Simple Word of Advice here:
Do NOT Listen to them.

It’s amazing how people like that gather around them a crowd, find their way onto Media (TV and Internet) and gain such a big Following when in reality, they have nothing to do with the True Things of The Lord, because they seek to Impress you with their Personality etc. They put on quite a Show. And guess what? The Lord, for obvious reasons, has NO PART IN IT. He hates that kind of thing!

And you might ask “How did they get there, if The Lord didn’t call them?”
Easy, The Lord makes Way for His Own (those who are Truly from Him) and the Devil (Deceiver)
makes way for his Hit Men – expenses paid – and they expect All the More from Your Pocket.

They take different Bible Verses out of Context and Craft them into Lies, like a MLM Salesman.
Believe me, they know the Art of Persuasion and they are controlled by the Same Spirit of Seduction,
yet they make it out to Seem so Holy. What absolute garbage they tell you!

I have one Question for you:
Why do you put up with Them? When it’s very clearly a “Racket”
No, God doesn’t Work Like that, He has No “Tricks up His Sleeves”…….
Please learn how to Identify TRUE PROPHETS from FALSE PROPHETS.

I have given you A Description above, so you know who has the Approvals of Heaven, who has Not!
That’s Very Important, when it comes to Your Walk with Jesus – so you don’t get Side-Tracked from His Plan and Purpose in Your Personal Life OR get Your Family Involved in Anything Unstable OR Run Your Pockets Dry on False Promises (a demise) when you have Young Kids to Grow Up and Expenses to Pay.
Yes, False Prophets can make Ship Wreck of Your Lives, if allowed to go that far.

You need to See them for What they Are and AVOID them Altogether.
That’s the Best Way to Deal with them – Remember the Scripture Principle from JESUS Himself here: A little Leaven, Leavens the Whole Loaf. So if you Like some of their Preaching, you should be Aware of that.

Take for instance Joseph Prince:
That is not even his real name, it appeals to his Vanity. He has a Very Questionable Background
which is deliberately kept from your knowledge and he Preaches a False Grace Gospel,
that in a way sounds Christ Centered but is Right Off.

If Followed, you can actually Lose Your Salvation that way (his Grace Message is so broad – Jesus said Narrow) So sorry to say Folks: Joseph Prince is not just a Pastor of a Big Successful Church, he is a False Teacher and False Prophet because he is actually CHANGING the Counsel of God which is Scripture Itself. It’s very subtle, the way he makes his words sound so Christ Centered sometimes.
Christians need to Start Searching Scriptures themselves – they Really Do.

Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh (his real name) was born in 1963 to a Sikh Priest of Indian origin and a Chinese mother. He changed his name to ‘Joseph Prince’ in 1990 while serving as an IT Consultant just before he was appointed senior pastor of New Creation Church.

Mark these words: He has stated that he does not receive any financial compensation from his Church, but it has been established that he is one of 10 Richest Preachers in the World, who lives an Extravagant Lifestyle. An online report in 2014 alleged that Joseph Prince was paid an Annual Salary of
$500,000 dollars. That was back then.

His Church Members Congregate in a 5,000-Seater Star Theatre and he is known for making Intimidating Statements to Genuine Pastors on why their Church is Not Impressive like his.

That is very definitely Out with Me – that’s just one Example of his VAIN Glory Tactics, very ungodly, and you still want to Follow him? Come on now, you need to be OUT OF THERE!

Just his constant Obsession and Preoccupation with his Looks, alone, should give you warning signals
“That Man does Not Walk with God” because “He Opposes the Proud and gives Grace to the Humble”
that’s True Grace Friends.

Yes once again, The Lord Himself said “Narrow is the Way that Leads to Eternal Life and Broad is the Way that Leads to Destruction”……those who don’t make it when Jesus says “Away from Me, I don’t Know You!” when He Comes. So rightly speaking, that classifies Joseph Prince’s Preaching as Dangerous Teachings,
no better than Mormon or other.

The Nature Of True Prophetic Servants
For Starters, a True Prophetic Servant will not promote Evil (anything that is of a Wicked nature, not from God) a True Prophetic Servant will Direct You AWAY from Evil – Every time, No Exceptions. They are Not into making for themselves a Name – they are too Busy Lifting and Honoring The Lord’s Name.
It’s a Full Time Occupation with them, to See The Lord Glorified. That is their Passion for Living.

Just One Example of Fake Prophetic is Bill Johnson’s Bethel
It was to my disgust in recent times, to actually see one of his Leaders sitting down facing her “audience” having a so-called Vision of Angels around her, reporting that they were “Farting around the Throne”…….
Yes you read right! To my dismay, they actually allowed that to be televised over YouTube (months ago, it is probably taken down now) Is that really a godly Source to be attending an Online “School of Ministry”
or purchasing “Worship Music” from, I ask you? I think not!

I’ve known in my spirit a long time now, when a mature Christian Couple said they bought some Music by them that “Bethel is right off” when I heard 2 minutes of it. That was the Holy Spirit indicating they have what is called a “False Anointing” – you really need to be Careful who you’re Trusting In!

Note: What is a False Anointing? This means it really comes from the Devil who is referred to in Scripture as an “Angel of Light” (Deceiver)

Please Learn How To Judge:
That Which Is TRULY Spiritual and That Which Is Not

2 Corinthians 11:13-15
13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their actions. ~ Berean Standard Bible

New Living Translation Says:
In the end they will get the punishment their Wicked Deeds Deserve.

American Standard Version Says:
whose end shall be according to their works.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Their destiny will be according to their works.

Friends, we find these Same Words in Revelation 20:12
And I saw the dead, Great and Small, standing before the Throne. And there were open books, and one of them was the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to Their Deeds,
as recorded in the books. ~ Berean Standard Bible

American Standard Version Says:
and the dead were judged out of the things which were written in the books, According to Their Works.

John 5:28,29
The Hour is Coming, in the which ALL that are in the graves shall hear His Voice 29 and come out—
those who have done Good to the Resurrection of Life, and those who have done Evil to the Resurrection of Judgment.

4 Translations Say “wicked things” and New Living Translation Says:
they will rise again. Those who have Done Good will rise to Experience Eternal Life,
and those who have Continued in Evil will rise to Experience Judgment.

Their is absolutely No Repentance found in these False Apostles and False “Prophetic Ministries”…….
be Very Careful they don’t Lead You to Their Fate!

WHY would Their Preaching APPEAL to You if You Really Love The Lord?
I think you really need to ask yourself this question.

I mean to say, you can even see Demons in the Eyes of Preachers like Kenneth Copeland.
Some of his Videos are absolutely “Cringe Worthy” yet people Follow him.

If you Value your Souls, you Need to be Out of There… it Services or TV Telecasts!
That’s if you take the Words of JESUS and His Apostles SERIOUSLY.

A Story From Janet
On Holidays this year, I almost died, hours after a Choking Fit. It was such a close shave, I actually reached the stage where I had to literally fight with my Faith to stay here for my Son – it was his Birthday the next day. Very dearly, I would have Loved to be in Our Blessed Homeland with my Mum and Sister (now Enjoying their Rewards 6 years ago) For other reasons, the last few years have been far from easy.

I can honestly tell you, in that Moment, Two Reasons for Living presented themselves: one was my Son, the other was the Calling – and a deliberate Choice for Life was made. I distinctly felt the Mission Jesus has me on this Earth for in Life would be Unfinished if I went from this Life then. 2-3 minutes immediately after that, the Obstruction that prevented me from swallowing for 5 hours non-stop (Emergency Treatment and all) almost literally taking my life CLEARED and I was Free to resume that Holiday with my Son for his Birthday the following day.

What I’m Trying To Convey To You Here Is:
TRUE Prophetic is a Passionate Calling – you would not, no way, bring disgrace on the Name of Jesus – you take Very Seriously all your Words and Actions, both Personally and for The Lord. You would not dare to “Tread the Cross under foot” like those Wretched TV Hirelings do. SHAMEFUL, the way they do that.
Serve them Notice Today. if you Really LOVE The Lord…… Tolerate them No More. It really hurts me to know you do that, you place such hopes in these Jokers, an Evil Breed indeed. God is NOT Happy with them, and their Judgement will be Swift when The Lord appears. You can be Sure of That.

So TRUE Prophetic is Holy Ground, that person Walks with a Healthy Fear of The Lord.
Learn how to Identify them, they are Few and Far apart because not many Choose (Respond) to Walk that kind of a Walk.

A Few Questions Now:

Is The Lord into Christians Aspiring to be prophets or making themselves out to be? “NO” I really think Not.

So is it an Easy Calling? Clearly Not.

Do you still want a Prophetic Calling? Probably Not, if you want a Life Without Complications. In Simple terms, No-One asks to be Prophetic if they know what’s good for them – it’s anything but Easy.

But it has it’s Reward when they See the Face of Jesus and know they Never took their Eyes off HIM, much less encourage others to do so (causing Believers to look to them) The Lord forbid, may that never be!

But that is the Very Thing FAKE Prophets will do, and Immature Prophets if we are not Careful.

Some Considerations:

Stressing the Importance of thinking of “Men and Women of God” as SERVANTS Not Ministries, has become Necessary NOW because that term has become excessively used and definitely overrated.
It is about time for us to be busy Glorifying The Lord in Our Personal Lives rather than helping False Preachers achieve Vain Glory and bringing Shame on the House of God.

Things have got to the stage where Local Churches in the Main and Mega Churches without exception, have nothing better to do than “Take our Eyes off God” with their own personal ambition and Selfish Agendas.

We do not need any more Fake Prophets or Immature Prophets sounding their trumpets in the House of God. Especially the likes of so-called “Christian TV” – it is inundated with them!

You are far better off dismantling that Service and letting JESUS Restore His Mantle in your Hearts and Homes – searching the Scriptures and His Presence in the evenings, and spending Precious Family Time together and Interests aka Crafts or Hobbies.

Then you can also have Balanced Christian Lives – giving Jesus and Each-other Some Undivided Attention. This is Very Healthy for Kids to be brought up this way, than Following Preachers, buying Books and CD/DVDS – lining the pockets of Personality Preachers with their Fame Mission.

What do you do that for? What does that achieve? Why continue those pursuits any longer?

In reality, it serves to hinder you from finding your own Expression in God and His Purpose in Your Hearts and Lives. Press on to know The Lord PERSONALLY………You Need No Other. It’s really just that Simple. Make the Holy Spirit your Counselor – He Focuses on JESUS.

The Heart Whisper of all brothers and Sisters in True Prophetic is
“I am Not my Own, I’ve been Bought with the Precious Blood of Christ”
TAKE CARE who you are Listening to – it’s really that serious!

The Lord be with your spirit.

Yours in Grace and Truth till He Comes!