What Fellowship Is And What It Is Not



Many Of Us Have Been Reaching Out For More In Recent Years Hey?

Some For Decades, Because Years Ago We Were Expecting Things To Change. Is That Right? This Address Will Let You Know Why We Have Not Seen Those Changes Yet – A Real Move Of His Spirit In Our Midst – Healings And Miracles – Signs And Wonders!

Have you wondered why these things are not here yet? Does The Lord lead us down the garden path? Why has He Commenced to MOVE in Some Places and Not in Others? Let me share some Insights with you.

Many Christians are so Immature in Communicating – they have an “Insiders and Outsiders” mentality. You are either In their Click or Not, you make it or you don’t with them. This is especially true in Western Countries.

This is NOT a True Christian Walk – they do not know the difference between Liking and Love.

Jesus said “Love One-Another” not just those you Like, and “HE was NO Respecter of Persons”

Meaning He did not treat one better than the other. You need to think again.

Jesus Calls Us ALL to Fellowship, One with Another. So many Christians tend to find those they like, develop their little Click and Stay there. In Local Churches, they will show disinterest in some way if you attempt to Greet and Fellowship with them. Jesus did not Call us to Comfort Zones, IE

“It’s me and one, two, three, four, no more.” NO, you’re Missing It with that CLICK Mentality.

That’s Not Fellowship – anyone in the world can do that, based on Common Interests.

A Christian friend mentioned to me a few weeks ago, that even her “New Pastor” is FUSSY about who he speaks with after Services and a Café Night her Church has. Through the months, I have been hearing so many Good Reports about Sermons He Preaches, I’ve sometimes said “I would like to have a Copy on CD” They were so inspiring!

She is an observant person, and it seems to be those he Enjoys Conversing With he spends the most time with, plus he prefers speaking to you rather than listening to you (a very short attention span). I do remember from a few visits to their Café Night some years ago, their Previous Pastor had the same nasty habit. In fact, his communications were very poor – he would even push you away (so to speak) if you attempted to converse with him. He too, had his Favorites, and he would migrate over to their tables, leaving everyone else (plus newcomers) to talk to each-other and those who were “Waiting On Tables” to give a friendly greeting.

So many Christians AND some Preachers ALIKE demonstrate this kind of behavior. I have witnessed that also, here and there through the years.

Jesus Calls us to Better than that! Even many of you who consider yourselves to be quite Spiritual are not hearing Him Clearly. He is saying to All of Us “GROW UP – GROW INTO LOVE”……….

“MY RIVER FLOWS THROUGH THE LAW OF LOVE” and we’re not Ready for those Miracles etc

“Lord, Do This, Do That……..Show Your Glory!” and you’re offering Him the wrong Welcome Mat.

He is saying “I can’t MOVE in That Environment. You are expecting things from Me and you are not doing those things I expect from YOU.”

Have You Encountered This?

I’ve seen and experienced Careless Christian Behavior through the years, have you?

Careless Relations is not practicing True Christian Love. We’re Called To BUILD EACH-OTHER UP.

I have not seen that in almost 50 Years as a Christian. We need to do this – especially in our Day.

This is one of the reasons many Christians are spiritually weak.

Over the last few years, I have experienced countless unanswered phone calls and texts from Christians who know better and I find this to be Rude and Disrespectful. At the same time, I also know they are spending considerable time with Other Christians. Two of these Christians have Very Close Knit Fellowships and most of their Love and Affections in Christ are Channeled there – they visit and phone each-other through the week often. It’s almost as if you cannot compete with that (for their time, interest or affections). But they will give you the Crumbs in occasional communications when they’re in the mood. Do you know, this is actually Party Spirit? The Lord has shown me (in it’s subtle form) because we are ALL One Body. And quite simply, JESUS WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

On the other hand, so many of The Lord’s Children have much more time for Friends and Things of The World than they do for Christian Company. And some Christians who would dearly love to find some Nice Christian Company, just can’t find anyone interested.

Consider These Facts

You know, many in the world say “Let’s See Jesus” and the Modern Day Church System is NOT PORTRAYING HIM. In fact, many blaspheme Our God because of that kind of behavior. (We act so religious but we don’t Act like Jesus) Sorry to say, I cannot call that CHRISTIAN because Christian means to BE LIKE JESUS. For instance, He did not practice Partiality –

No, He did not demonstrate that kind of Love – Accepting who you like and Ignoring who you like. No, that is Not Acceptable In His Sight.

Many of You Want Your PRAYERS ANSWERED – How About Being An Answer To Someone’s Prayer?

How About Showing Some TRUE CHRISTIAN LOVE? Most Of Us Don’t Want To, Do We?

What Would Paul Say?

The Apostle Paul would rightly say “this is Immature, I Call you to Maturity. I cannot address you as Mature.” Seriously, who was the last Christian you ignored or expressed disinterest in? He says to Us Today “this is Carnal Thinking, I called you to WALK IN THE SPIRIT.” Friends, if you Embrace Fellowship with Some and Poorly Respond to Others, that is Not the TRUE ESSENCE OF FELLOWSHIP. Let’s be honest, THAT is a Click!

So “What Is Fellowship?” The answer is Simple………it’s Not “Pick and Choose who You Like” It’s “Embracing your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Showing Acceptance, Extending Ourselves. Not a Match of Interests ………..Interests are an Extra, Not a Criteria for Acceptance (or looks either)” Yes, TRUE FELLOWSHIP IS CENTERED AROUND JESUS, Not Things We Like and Things We Prefer!

Read These Things Carefully

FIRST THINGS FIRST, you Churches are asking for Miracles, Revival, and His Glory to Show Up and Telling Him What To Do? We all have some Homework to do on this, don’t we? YES We Do!

We Don’t SEEK HIS FACE Often At Home and Recognize Our Brothers and Sisters in Services and we’re asking for HIS GLORY TO BE MANIFEST? And may I ask you “What for?” So we can go and Party in God’s House at our convenience and take what we want and still live our lives of duplicity?

One life in Church, another at Home? Occasional Prayers when it suits us?

If that offends, I write as The Lord gives me, not to keep “My Readers”…………my Calling is too Expensive to disobey Him in that, and pick and choose what to write for Him. It has cost me Heaps. That my friends, is the difference between GENUINE PROPHETIC and Immature Prophets – there are many of those. No, True Prophetic has cost me everything, so I’m not going to pick and choose and tell you what you want to hear.

THIS IS GOOD FOR US. Myself included, I’m not exempt when He Speaks.

What many of you have had is “Shepherds Without Understanding” yet they’re quick to call themselves “Your Covering”……….there’s ONE COVERING In Scripture, THE LORD HIMSELF.

There is No Other. Tell me where you find this in Scripture, that MAN is Your Covering? Think about it for a moment…….No, it isn’t there, is it? That’s because HE TRUSTS JESUS ALONE for that Office.


What most of you identify as Prophetic is someone who comes along to your Church or Venue and gives out “Personal Prophecies” when you go out the front. Maybe a prediction or two on rare occasions. Be it right or wrong – you’ve been taught to accept it all (because it was said over the platform) rather than being Encouraged to Train your Spiritual Faculties how to Discern (that which is from The Lord and that which is Not) you’re taught to embrace it ALL.

That’s RISKY in Days to Come – Even NOW.

A True prophetic ministry by the name of Mark Rutland came to an AOG Church in our City many years ago and as he preached, I remember him saying “Most of you are taking as gospel, all manner of whoopy because it’s said over the Platform” – he did The Lord’s bidding, not the preachers who invited him. And I saw this go right over the Pastors heads, who were sitting behind him – not a bit of concern, not a bat of an eyelid or twitch of an eyebrow. His prophetic statement was profoundly true of that place (it did not change to this day). It had been a real concern to me for some time before he came and I was visiting there that evening.

So many Churches are like that these days. Mostly Pentecostal, yet they profess to “Lead the Way” in Spiritual Things. “CALL IT LIKE IT IS” is an integral part of Genuine Prophetic – so if you have any problems with that, take it up with JESUS!

Back to Fellowshiping

Was speaking with a Christian friend in Jamaica over phone just now who gave me her input.

She said “When I’m in a Church Setting where we ALL have fellowship, it feels close and inviting, it’s a really Good experience. When I’m in a Church that has Clicks, it does not feel the same. There’s this feeling where I have to know who is with me and who is not? Like it is in the world, like School, like Work Places etc. That is Not TRUE FELLOWSHIP.”

This is pretty much the Norm in Western Countries. I’ve witnessed this for almost 50 years in Australia now since I found Jesus. No wonder so many Local and Big Churches lose so many “new Christians”. Two reasons for that: One, because most times they’ve been presented with a Santa-Christ and become disillusioned when they find out “No, He isn’t our Santa” Two, they did not “Fit In” maybe they needed Friendship and were let down by a whole bunch of “Christians” who had already found their Clicks.

Older Christians too, who have not been impressed for years and kept saying “something is missing” often move on to where things are healthier spiritually, like Home Churches who are Closely-Knit when they Gather Together AND Seek The Lord at Home through the week more.

People (New Christians especially) should not have to be concerned about “Fitting In” and feeling “Left Out”. No, indeed not. Pentecostal Churches mostly, have been aborting Spiritual Babies for years because they don’t NURTURE and LOOK AFTER them.

No wonder there’s a book out these days called “Jesus Has Left The Building”……… He is not into the kind of behavior we see in Local Churches Today!

 Some Personal Experiences

I left all that 16 Years ago, they’re welcome to it. I was called out of that Scene because it does not PORTRAY JESUS and brings Shame on His Name. I had been “Resting” in a Church Setting for several months where a Pastor moved in the “Prophetic” and Loved his Flock. A few months later, I approached him about “Not rushing the Breaking of Bread” (The Bread and the Wine) He told me to mind my business basically, saying “You should be out Ministering.” Then he said that part of the Service “would stay the same!” I said “I cannot partake then, for me, it would be a sin.”

He exclaimed, “A Sin! Why would you say such a thing!” and I replied “Because the Cup scarcely gets to your lips when it is rushed away from you.” Hearing those words, he broke out in a temper and made rash accusations. Needless to say, I left there saying “I won’t keep it against you. I won’t be back for more of that.”

It was later, that evening, The Lord Called me out of the Church Scene as we know it Today to a Real Rest from it all and I kept Fellowshiping with a few Christian friends.  I met the prophetic pastor in a Chemist a few months later. He was profoundly quiet and meekly said hello – that was his apology. The Lord defends His Own, we don’t need to concern ourselves with that. Someone also mentioned “the next week onwards, he has not rushed that part of the Service again.” Many Churches seldom celebrate our Savior’s Passion anymore. So many things are being Compromised Now – SOCIAL GOSPEL replacing Salvation and Repentance etc  


Friends, if those things describe “Your Church” You Need To Be OUT OF THERE………..That Is Not A Place Of TRUE FELLOWSHIP! It denies the Spirit of God FULL ACCESS and Sovereignty and they have basically shunned JESUS WORK ON THE CROSS – What that is All About – Make no mistake about it, He takes those things very Seriously!

In 2012, in fulfillment of a prophetic word I had in 2004, The Lord released me into a new expression of my Calling on the Internet and there I have been since. He brought prophetic confirmation that week 16 years ago independent of myself, that He would provide Spiritual Food in Abundance for me and He is providing the Same to others through me now at this time. I run several Christian Websites recording many Page Views in unprecedented numbers.

You Should Know This

Only JESUS CALLS and TRAINS True MinistriesThey Are Gifts To The Body Of Christ, To Build And Nurture Her And Equip Believers For Their Work Of Ministry (Various Giftings) Because to Each One Of Us  Grace Was Given According To The Measure Of Christ’s Gift. (Ephesians 4)

Not a Few and Not Some (no-one is to be left out). So what’s all this Competition about then? With the One Man Show (if you’ll forgive me) the Pastor does EVERYTHING or the Pastor and his LEADERS.

In fact, many aspire to be Leaders, to be somebody and feel like they almost have to compete for a “position” to get there.

I know a lovely young Christian “wife and mother” who was constantly influenced by that kind of (church) environment. She had a precious ministry in her home and did not have to work. She was constantly pressured by the thought “I don’t know what my calling is?” Eventually, harassed with the thought (others do but she did not) she decided to take a Ministry Course at the University – where a whole lot of other pressure exists for Christians and I did not hear from her again.

I had prayed for her to experience the Peace of Christ in her walk with Him. She did and said she felt to continue being the best wife and mum she can be. She also felt to start a Women’s Walking Group in a parks surroundings and share the Love of Christ and some inspirations. She was excited about that! But next thing, she said she felt troubled that she did not have a career and she opted for UNI. Why, when she LOVED being a wife and mother? (She was passionate about giving valuable time to her husband and kids). Friends, it was intimidation that led her to that – her church environment has more leaders than attendants, so to speak. I believe many Christians feel intimidated in churches today (the way they’re run). She also felt out of place and she said she never experienced Christian warmth towards her there as she had with me. She is definitely not alone in that respect!

What’s all this LEADERSHIP Talk and the Constant Mention of OVERSIGHT? And you have to have their Approval to be released into your Callings? Most Pastors keep a tight rein on things – what is allowed and not allowed.

Like a Medical practitioner, they only see you for short spurts of time now and then, and they claim to know best what you should do? Excuse me for saying this (some of you) but they often take for granted what you don’t know and experience you lack – it could be that you’ve spent quality time in His Presence for Years and had considerable experience you don’t broadcast……and you value the Ways of The Lord. Yet some of these Pastors will keep you back for Years if you let them. Let it be “I WOULD SEE JESUS” if they’re getting in His Way.

Please be advised: Sometimes a Pastor who is a Wise Shepherd can give you Wise Counsel that will help you avoid certain mistakes. Others like to Run Everything!

You see Modern Day Pastors etc mentioned in the Words of Jesus, but not where you would expect.

You see them in Church History too, but not as you would expect. As Children of the Living God, You ALL have the Right to know TRUE FACTS.

This Pride and Position Nonsense (once again forgive me, I will explain) the Disciples were asking Jesus one day “Who will be the Greatest (Who will be in charge and who will be over who?) There were twelve of them remember? So they were concerned about Structure and who takes the Rule. There was a little ambition too:)

I pray you will See Jesus answer in a New Light after this and He will Unveil this to You because these Words of JESUS apply to OUR DAY, more than ever. Really they do!

Please Read Afresh

Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the Rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials Exercise Authority over them.” One version has “Jesus called them Aside” and another has “He summoned them” so this was VERY IMPORTANT. He went on to say “It Shall Not Be This Way Among You. Instead, WHOEVER Wants To Become Great Among You Must Be Your Servant and Whoever Wants To Be First Among You Must Be Your Slave.”

So JESUS is telling us in no uncertain terms, HIS KINGDOM of HIS MAKING, Will Not Be Like we See Today. (No, He Will Not Run Things That Way). The Disciples heard these words First Hand from Jesus and Remembered them Well.

Now three centuries later, in 330AD a Roman Emperor named Constantine changed all that over to the WAYS of the GENTILES when he made the Church into A STATE INSTITUTION. The very thing Christ expressly did NOT want. He was Self-Commissioned, Not God Commissioned! (He was not an Apostle or Father in the Faith). And in came the Buildings and in came the Hierarchy. Services were held in Buildings instead of Homes (like they were in Rom 16). BELIEVERS USED TO WORSHIP IN THEIR HOMES WITH FAMILY AND FELLOW BELIEVERS. And people from streets and miles around them wished to join in because of the Presence and Blessings of JESUS among them. So much so “their numbers Grew Daily”.

We Need To Return To The Pattern

Please note, in contrast to Church Buildings, ALL THIS took place in the Streets and Homes (out among the people) it was not “Would you like to hear a Sermon? Would you like to come to Our Church?” Clearly, in the words of Paul, “They were Living Letters, read by men” not “Can I impress you with a Service?”

That’s the whole problem with Christianity Today, it’s anything but how Jesus purposed Us To Be Hey? It is, it really Is! The world from outside tells us “No, we don’t want that!” Many Christians from within say “No, I don’t want this anymore!” Often you hear reports afterwards like “It was actually hindering my Spiritual Walk, I feel much Closer to JESUS Now.”  

NO, they are not less committed, but More Committed. Some “Church People” need to reserve their judgements. So many “Backsliders” are in Local Churches – they seldom pray and read the Scriptures, they shout at their kids, whatever? They look to Personality Preachers instead of JESUS. They’re found in front of their TV Screens most nights instead of spending time with their kids and bringing them up in the Love of The Lord (interacting as a family) and giving them fun family times on the weekends they will remember for the rest of their lives!

If your Kids ENJOY GOD they’ll never Leave HIM. It’s doubtful, and you need to be their Example of a Life in Jesus: The JOY, the Peace, the Blessing! That’s why I love the concept of SIMPLE CHURCH (House Churches) there’s more emphasis on the Family, Each-Other and Personal Outreach (being a blessing to others throughout the week) who need to See a Living Christ in Us – “He Is Our Hope of Glory.”

YES! Let Him Be Their “Hope of Glory” too. The Constantine Church Model scares them away. It’s Entertainment at best (for them) and that wears off very quickly. Other times, they go away and make comments like “What was that all about? They do strange things there. Must have been desperate to go there.”  I’ve heard comments like those and “I’ve found friendlier people in a Sports Club!” Because all the “Christians” were doing their thing, facing each other’s backs, being told what to do, standing up and sitting down, maybe going over to a few friends afterwards (if they have any in that environment) they have a cup of tea and go home – the New Comer goes home too (unnoticed).

 It’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PICTURE on the House Churches Scene – so much Friendlier, more Inviting. They feel the Warmth and are Happy to return of their own accord, you don’t need to ask them.

Return Of His Kingdom



May I suggest to you that they have prevailed against the Church IN IT’S PRESENT FORM since Constantine changed it’s Structure and Function? That is Not JESUS MAKING, That IS MAN’S Same as the Gentiles. The SYSTEM is WRONG. As explained, Christ never Ordained It – He has been Patient for a Time and Shown Grace. He stayed with us through that time.

As witnessed by so many Christians, the Enemy has prevailed (so to speak) in the life of the Church and the Lives of Christians: Many are Sick, Many Die Before Their Time, Many Are Bound In Temptation, Many Need Setting Free, Many Attend Local Churches But Bring Reproach On Christianity Through The Week, Many Christians Have A Sluggish Spiritual Walk and are Lacking in Spiritual Insight, Many Rely On Their Pastors For Answered Prayers who could be Praying For People by now.

We TALK about HEALINGS and MIRACLES but Do Not SEE Many. In fact, to be honest, Most Christians have Not Seen an actual Healing OR Miracle take place but we’re quick to say “Come for Healing – We Believe in Miracles” aren’t we? When we have Not Received OUR OWN, many times.


The Household of Faith in Scripture Means More than Where You Are In Attendance. It Means So Much More!


It is worldly Type communications, when you look for those who share your interests. This is ignorance at best. And it’s FAVORITISM when you show lazy halfhearted communications towards someone and treat others better. No, that isn’t what Jesus Calls Us To – the right hand of fellowship to some and the left foot of fellowship to others.

A Word To Pastors And Prophetic Pastors

I say to you, that many of you Pastors and Church Teams have been Resisting THIS MOVE. You ask “In what way?”..……. by trying to Rescue and Perpetuate the Churches in their Present Form.

Someone Asked This Question:

“Whose Church Are You Building?”

And the Pastor Thought:

“I’m Building Mine!”

Lord Help Us.

I see a Call for Repentance and Insight here:

The Lord Wishes To MOVE ON In The RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS To His Church, The Body Of Christ. But You’re Wanting HIS WORKS YOUR WAY. It doesn’t work that way!  Some of you are digging your heels in to keep your Churches. Others SEE BETTER THINGS IN STORE, Declaring what’s COMING. And to be honest, a Little Ignorant about What Way This Will ALL TAKE PLACE.

Be careful you don’t find yourself resisting this too. CHRIST Wishes To Be CENTRAL In HEARTS And HOMES Again – like the EARLY CHRISTIANS you’ve been Preaching and Teaching about but in a Different Way than Expected.

True Pastors and Prophetic Pastors, you need to Prepare His People FOR THIS and remember, they BELONG TO HIM Not to You. The ENDTIME MOVE you have been Proclaiming will be ON HIS TERMS Not On Ours! There will be Other Ways to Facilitate This.

It also means that many of you will lose the LIMELIGHT (if you are concerned about that) because the Emphasis Will Shift over to BELIEVER’S MINISTRIES not so much “Your Ministry.”

Some Of You Have Mentioned TRANSITION, Are You Ready For The REAL TRANSITION?

The Lord May Test You On That – Will You Take Up The Challenge?

A Final Word



YES Jesus said “Love One-Another as I have Loved You” Then people will sit up and take notice, when we show This Kind of LOVE. And things will really Start to Move!